Article: 12.10.2021

The pandemic as a product


Market is relentless. Since its understanding as a living being, subject more to its own rules than to any external control - as long as in a capitalist society - an intricate structure capable of engulfing everything is built around it. Even initiatives that try to deny it end up very quickly becoming just another product circulating through your veins. On this digestive system depends the perpetual motion of the Economy. With Covid-19 it would be no different.

After the initial impact that made us see as real one of those apocalyptic situations that series marathons are made of, the brands soon realized that, if on the one hand they were facing an unprecedented threat, which would bring sensitive damage to profits and to the white hair of shareholders, on the other hand, the fallacious phrase that the Japanese ideogram for crisis is the same as for opportunity was there once again, in front of the marketing departments, to achieve the long-awaited genuine connection with the customer.

As if by turning a magic key, advertisers from all market niches rushed to put aside the brand universe they had been building for many seasons to embrace a speech of harmony between peoples and certainty of our capacity to, while society, overcome this crisis. While the very name of the threat - the new Coronavirus - refers to the language of retail, in which everything is new, has a new formula or is under new management, advertising convinces us, by the cute and irresistible smile of a white baby in a luxury apartment. middle class, that together we will overcome. “It's going to pass” became the mantra of this advertisement that is here to comfort, not to sell, God forbid!, another bottle of soda. 


A pandemia é o ponto zero de uma nova consciência mundial em que, por trás de cada máscara serigrafada com um vistoso logotipo, existe um sorriso franco que nos irmana a todos. Daqui para frente, tudo vai ser diferente.



E assim que o shopping abre suas portas, é Black Friday. Salve-se quem puder.

Originally published at SOPA, CDA Design blog.


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